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Use and licencing

All of our resources, meaning what we created for this website, not anything we have linked to externally, are available for reuse and adaptation under a Creative Commons (CC) licence.

All our own resources available under CC are identifiable from their red buttons. External resources (not CC) are a light blue and marked as "links" instead. If you're in doubt about whether a resource is available under CC licence terms, please ask us.


You may reuse or adapt the contents of our learning resources, but you should include a credit to the original creators and you may not use it for commercial purposes.

Wherever our resources have made reuse of differently licenced components - for instance third-party music or icons - these have been labelled in the resource credits, and you will need to stick to their licencing conditions instead, should you wish to reuse or repurpose them yourself.

If you have any questions about licencing, please contact us.

Privacy & cookie policy

Our privacy and cookie policy is very simple... we don't need one! That's because we don't collect any personal data from you or have any way to identify you each time you visit the site.

We don't leave cookies on your browser because we've no interest in tracking your behaviour.

Our site is educational and free and will always be so.