Jenny & Jade's Cards of Much Negligence


by Jing ‘Jenny’ Yan, Jade-Amanda Laporte.

It’s getting close to revision time. How do you get all those notes you’ve been making into your head? Visual revision cards are a tried and tested way of helping things stick.

For many students, revision means writing notes and then reading them. Lots of times. This can have limited effect. For most people it is important to do something in order to cement them in your brain. Revision or "flash" cards are a tried and tested way of doing this sort of learning by rote.


The aim here was to create a set of revision cards that you can test yourself with, or enlist the help of your family and friends in testing you regularly. It's a great idea and adding the visual element is brilliant, because in thinking through how you might represent something visually, it adds in extra level of analysis, another prompt.

I asked two students to work together and design a set of visual revision cards. Jenny was the creative (an art grad from the US) and Jade-Amanda, the ideas queen (as someone home-schooled she had been coming up with alternative ways of learning her whole life).


Jenny talks through her process for us: I make the cards entirely in Adobe Photoshop -- first I draw a few thumbnails to nail down the composition I want. Then I look for reference images on Google. Once I have all my resources, I start with the linework before finalising with colour.


Jing ‘Jenny’ Yan

Jing ‘Jenny’ Yan

Jenny is an incoming Master’s student at QMUL. She hopes to utilise her background in law and art as well as her future Law & Finance degree in cracking down on money laundering cases involving art.

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