School vs University


by Sarah Gargash.

A colourful illustration of the basic differences between studying for school and university, made with ready-to-hand tools.

In my last few years of school when considering universities to apply for, I had to research a little to understand how the institutions are different from school. The resources that made this most easy to understand were the short visuals, rather than the text-based articles. This is why I decided to design a short comic strip showcasing the differences based on my experiences.


I wanted a catchy and interesting way of getting my points across and hopefully helping those who need to understand the basic differences between being a student at school/college and being one at university. The aim was to create something with visual impact with the tools to hand, without needing to be able to illustrate it myself.

Materials and Tools

  • Pixton website
  • Preview app (preinstalled on Mac computers and laptops)
  • Clipart photos from Google
  • Laptop


I started off by listing out all the comparisons between school and university in a Word document.

I then used a website called Pixton for the initial template of the comic & the boxing background. When I realised their image options were limited, and uploading your own images meant having to pay, I saved what I had and continued on the 'Preview' application on my laptop.

Afterwards, I looked for clipart images on google for the characters, boxing gloves, comic book 'fighting' effects, etc. I removed the white borders in the photos using the crop tool on Preview.

Finally, I added the text boxes and text on Preview, and used the comic sans font (only time I'd ever use that font), and sent in what I had.


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