The Non-Fatal Offences Chatterbox


by Jade-Amanda Laporte.

Old-skool playground toy becomes law revision tool! Test your understanding of non-fatal offences like assault and battery with this brilliant fortune teller.

Jade-Amanda came up with a brilliant idea here – adapting the "chatterbox" that we all remember from our childhood to meet an educational need. (My main memory of these was finding out who I was going to marry, snog, etc.!)


The aim here was to make a practical but engagingly fun way of testing yourself on law questions. It's a bit like flashcards meets origami on the school playground. We hoped also that the extra human interaction involved in playing with these will be a factor in making the answers memorable.

Again this is something that could be created as part of a class, but also something students can create themselves for any area of law. The social aspect of the game means it’s a great way to test each other too.


You can see how Jade-Amanda makes her chatterbox in our video below.

In the creator's words

They say that what you do in your spare time is what you enjoy. Well, when I was a young girl, I remember making in my spare time what we used to call "chatterboxes". We would ask each other questions and decide each other’s future in the form of a very simple, easily made, often very colourful  yet excellently efficient form of origami.

This was before the age of Buzzfeed quizzes…

Jade-Amanda Laporte

This was before the age of five minute amusements such as Buzzfeed quizzes on an array of digital devices. With this nostalgic past time in mind I decided to create a template I could use to allow myself to revise and digest vital law definitions / cases / tests that would actually decide my future grade in a fun and five-minute sort of way.

The Chatterbox is the perfect TLDR device! Allowing yourself to use all those little bits of time when you might be too tired to read, and yet still active enough to fiddle, or even interacting with friends/family/children that can test you/help you revise. It can be customised with pictures instead of words and be relevant for absolutely any subject.


If you want to make your own chatterbox, download the PDF and print it out. We've included a blank template for your own questions as the second page.

Enjoy and don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your creations! #tldrchatterbox


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